What is This Blog?

September 8, 2011

As leaders, the nature of  our jobs sometimes requires us to work towards what is “doable” within the constraints of many different constituencies, rather than what we believe to be the theoretically ideal thing for kids. Letting the perfect become the enemy of the good in schools rarely results in positive outcomes for students, can sap your energy to continue to “fight the good fight”, and can sometimes be an irresponsible waste of valuable time and resources.

Which brings us to the purpose of this blog. It will be an outlet for me to self-indulgently make the perfect the enemy of the good. In short, it will pontificate on what could be, what would be, “in a perfect school”.

Luckily for you, my 3 readers, it will not be my personal pontifications. In a Perfect School will feature my personal “shout-outs” to the great ideas others have had that I believe could impact the lives of kids if they were more often implemented. Most will be ideas from respectable, professional educators and experts. Some will be from geniuses not officially in the education fraternity. All will be ideas I admire. All would be evident in the perfect school.

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