About Jeff Feucht

Jeff Feucht, Ed.D. serves as an assistant superintendent for a large suburban school district near Chicago, IL . His opinions here do not necessarily reflect the emphasis of his district.

Jeff’s doctoral dissertation, An Examination of the Relationship Between Select Implementation Strategies and Professional Development Program Success was published in 2011.




You can email Jeff: jeff@inaperfectschool.com

You can follow Jeff on Twitter: @JeffFeucht


Each year, Glenbard Township High School District #87 hosts a nationally recognized speaker series with more than 50 events showcasing authors and experts in the field of education, parenting, psychology, and child development. Past speakers have included Dr. Carol Dweck, Alfie Kohn, and Amanda Ripley. A Saturday Series focuses on college financing and student supports, and is accompanied by a Spanish speakers series and an African-American parent leadership group (FUSE).

Click below to visit the Glenbard Parent Series web site: http://www.glenbardgps.org/ !